Judy Coffman

[Judy Coffman and her cat]

Judy Coffman is a 15 year resident of Port St Lucie (originally from Michigan) and has been active in arts and crafts all her life. Her education includes a B.S. degree in Education and a B.F.A. in Fine Arts with a major in ceramics. She also studied pottery at EWHA University in Seoul, Korea and Auburn University at Montgomery, AL. Her favorite mediums include oil, pastel, colored pencil, Oriental brush, collage, cutting silhouettes and pottery. She especially enjoys painting cats in all mediums. She believes the nice thing about art is art is an integral part of life: there is always something new to try and experiences to expand. It can be an historical record, a creative statement, a declaration of emotion or a form of therapy; in short, art views and convictions are as vast as the people who create them and the people who view them. A piece of art is a shared idea and, at its very best, a shared experience.

A small selection of Judy's work
[Angel Cat] [Cat and Moon] [Minina] [Tiara cat]
[Jordan] [Crab] [Sunflower] [Cat Totem]

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