Hal Moore



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Soft and peaceful images on canvas are created because I love to paint in oil and would paint every hour of every day if I could. The beautiful colors of flowers makes me feel freedom to create soft and hard edges against a background of deep dark colors or pastel images in the distance to create a depth in the painting. The Florida cost is beautiful tropical blue and soft colors of purple in the sand that help create the seascape or a tropical landscape of the beach. These are my two loves. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, I loved to play with pencils and crayons at a early age. Started painting at the age of 8 when an neighbor who was an artist asked me to dog sit in return for painting lessons. My first award was in a high school competition sponsored by a local department store. Attended the Cleveland institute of Art and The Cleveland Ad School. Owned my own Art Studio and worked in the advertising world for 12 years. Returned to fine art after moving to Florida in 1969. Painting with palette knife and brush and using generous amounts of oil paint to capture the pleasing colors of the Florida Shore and creating an impressionistic flower. Photos and memory let me create paintings with soft colors and the emotion of peace. Toured the street art festivals for 8 years and then started teaching art.

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