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PICs and more PICs

I started working with PICs about ten years ago while on a break from the telecom industry. A friend had some Pic Basic code that needed a bit of touching up. After my first taste I fell in love with these little chips. I liked the fact that I could get free tools (for assembler at least) and for a few bucks I could build my own programmer too. Since then my lucky brush with Microchip has turned into a new career path. After doing several little projects ranging from LED controllers, to aircraft seat controllers to virtual reality goggles, I ended up back in the corporate world using dsPICs to control brushless DC motors. Now, just back from the 15th annual Masters Convention, I am all excited about the myriad posibilities.

A place to find snippets of code that could make your life easier.

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Last updated: July 8, 2008