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Programming Languages: C/C++, X86 Assembler, Motorola Assembler, Pascal, Visual Basic, Visual C++, CHILL, Basic, Unix shell scripting, Awk, Perl, MS access. O/S's: Windows,DOS, Solaris, HPUX, Linux.


Aug 2001-Present: Zafka Inc : President, Chief bottle washer

Job description: Consulting on all matters of Computer Engineering issues


  • Developed software for several solar powered LED controllers. This software was run on a PIC 16F690. In addition provided algorithms and control methods to the in house design team. Helped to debug initial hardware platforms.

  • Provided updates for PIC based aircraft seat controller and programmed finished PCBs.

  • Provided firmware and for PIC based platform used to measure patient stability. Firmware read 4 ADC inputs averaged data and output to USB port. In addition to firmware, provided engineering support to customer

  • USB Firmware for gaming accessory. Software was developed for TI's TUSB3210, an 8051 based USB periphery chip.

  • Worked with a Telecom infrastructure provider to integrate SGSN software and hardware to gain customer acceptance for a GPRS solution.

Jul 2003- April 2006: Airnet:(Now Tecore) Staff Engineer

Job description: Call Processing Developer


Ongoing development of High Speed Data Communications for the Wireless age.

Nov 2009-present: Synthes Anspach: Senior Design Engineer

Job description: Senior Design Engineer


Designed and Implemented high speed surgical cutting tools, as part of a small design team.

Nov 2000-August 2001: Airnet(Now Tecore): Staff Engineer

Job description: Call Processing Developer


Developed a Simulation environment for a Sparc based Base Station Controller. This entailed studying and understanding a complex set of interrelated state machines and modifying interfaces to replace hardware. This was accomplished with a combination of C,Unix shell scripts, and graphical coding using Rational Objectime. Led a five person team to implement measurement enhancements to a Base Station System. The changes affected the entire system: Operations and Administration, Base station Controller, and Base station. In the case of the Base station processes on three different microprocessors or DSPs were affected. My responsibilities included high level design, low level design, and team coordination through the unit test phase. In addition I was the liaison to the product test team and the third party vendor who integrated our measurements into a graphical user interface. Developed interface to previously unused telecom alarm module using PERL and UNIX scripts. This software allowed querying and resetting up to twenty base stations via TCP/IP. Provided rapid fault fix to coding errors throughout the system. This involved quick study of various GSM protocols depending on the area affected.

Jan 1999-Nov 2000: Freedom Scientific: Research Engineer


Lead Engineer for next generation Braille products based on the Strongarm processor. Supervised initial hardware design parameters, and developed device drivers and boot code for development platform. Aided in initial hardware bring up and trouble shooting. Performed design research for graphical user interface for blind users. This involved studying hardware and software from legacy design, investigating current CCD and CMOS camera technology. Survey of graphic compression. Implemented Standard color space algorithms. Implemented edge detection routines. As part of the research I developed a working prototype using a CMOS camera chip and built a companion board using a CPLD and SRAM. Worked with IC manufacturer to attempt to salvage design for a legacy speech chip. This involved meeting with a number of support companies in the IC field including mask manufacturers and new chip designers. Provided cost analysis of options to upper management Led a small team to develop mail program for Z80 based Braille computer.

June '95 - Dec '98 : Siemens ICN: Staff Engineer

Job description: Call Processing Developer


As a feature owner for an Information Server(PBX) enhancement, coordinated international team of software and loadware developers from definition through on time completion.

Feature owner of complex Telephony Monitoring Feature. Successfully update code through source updates and assembly language patches as changes in call processing code require.

Due to success in previous responsibility, became part of ACD/CTI group to continue work on connectivity link for computer controlled telephony.


Currently working on Masters degree in Computer Engineering

Masters Classes completed:

  • Rapid Prototyping of Printed Circuit Boards
  • ATM Communications
  • Data Acquisition and Control
  • Object Oriented Technology and Languages

August 1996: Bachelor of Computer Engineering; Florida Atlantic University

  • Honors, 1st in class
  • University Scholar
  • Member of Tau Beta Pi

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