Project Pink --Potters helping breast cancer patients

About Project Pink

Project pink was founded by Mia Lindberg an artist, potter and breast cancer survivor. After recieving support both morally and financially while she was going through the ordeal of diagnosis and treatment, she decided that she needed to make sure this same support was available to others. Originally Mia would host sales at her small home based business, inviting other potters to sell their wares and donate to the local breast cancer charities.

Then, this year she expanded to making bowls that were distributed to high school students to paint. The painted pots were then placed at various galleries in the area which sold the bowls with all the money going to either "Pink tie Friends" or the "Susan Koman foundation"
100 % of the money is spent on research or local patients

Zafka Studios gets involved

When Mia asked if we would let her sell some of the "breast bowls" that the high school kids and teachers had made at our gallery we were exited to help. I offered to throw some of the bowls for her and did about 50 the next day. Along the way I decided that perhaps we should make breasts too. I am fond of them, and thought folks would enjoy painting them. Gretchen suggested that it would be fun to let only men paint them. Anyhow, within a week hundreds of breasts have been thrown, and now we are in the process of painting them. The painting (actually underglazing) will go on through November 30th. December 6, with just a little luck all the breasts will be fired and glazed, and we will have the "Grand Revealing". After this the breasts will go on sale, with proceeds going directly to Project Pink.

How you can help

From Now through Saturday Dec 1, 2007 just stop in the studio and paint a breast. We supply the breasts and underglazes. We will fire them and have them ready for the "Grand Revealing". Tell your friends. Come December let them know they can buy your one of a kind artwork, or the works of local artists or celebrities all in the most pleasing of form factors.

A few pictures as the project progresses

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