All of our 2008 breast painters

Josh Jacobs, a Florida Native, residing in Hobe Sound.

Royce Taliaferro of Ray's Well Drilling

Philip Vandermude, Painting in Memory of Mom

Peter Cook

Steven Buttel

Sam Lazar

Jesse Kennard of IRCC

Jim Johnson of American Sprinkler and Pump

Greg Fox

Garrett Alford

Vopni Hauksson, all the way from Iceland. Alyson of Nikki Style reads up on Pink Tie Friends.

Sculptor Serge Bojan

Robert Kline the Mermaid man, feeling right at home.

Gary Hyatt, Doing his part for "Too Social Butterflies"

Fantastic painter, Pretty good fisherman--Klaus Schuler.

Bob Vorves stopping in from PSL.

Jim Mastalier of Talbott, Tn.

Fine Art Photographer, Steve Karafyllakis working in a new medium.

Master of the canvas, Fish, Landscapes, and now Breasts, Mark Johnson.

George Dejoe from Haines city, FL. and Jim Conti from Brocton, New York, doing their part.

Gary Hiller, Pizza guy extraordinare, in early to paint before kicking out the best pizza in town.

Tyrone Vance, Painter, Author, all around great guy. Stopping by to paint.

Dr. Jim Vopal. Just one of the many ways Dr. Vopal gives back.

Elvis (Darrell Dunhill) of Salon Results, doing his part in the battle against breast cancer.

Mark Woodard of American Custom Yachts of Stuart.

Frank Boland of Key West Imports, doing his part for our community.

Carl Carlisle, of Jupiter, FL and RHode Island, Glad to pitch in for a good cause.

Bud Warner and Garth Carrol, both of Port St. Lucie.

Ryan Commerford, Stopping by to help a good cause.

Miles Keller and Joey Brown, doing their part, and representing CCKEY Gallery.

Henry Hodde, Taking a break from his duties at Creech Engineering, and pitching in for a good cause.

Alex Plasencia of Port St Lucie. Showing a little of the Martin Memorial team spririt.

Brad Layne, in from Lake Worth to lend a hand.

Travis Langhorst of stuart, doing his part.

Adam Karol of Stuart, doing his mom proud.

Melvin Harrison of Port St. Lucie

Wayne Ouellette of Carpenter Electric, Doing his part.

Famed water color Artist and naturalist Harry McVay working his magic.

Steve Dutcher doing his part.

Tim black, history teacher extraordinaire for 30 some years in the Martin County school district.

Josh Kelley, executive chef at "The Island Bistro" finding a new outlet for his creativity.

Bill DeYoung, Stuart News Columnist, supporter of the Arts.

Robert Winn - Yacht Tender of Martin County, takes time from his busy day.

Famed local copper/bronze artist, Robert Lozinski tries out porcelain.

Eddie Dannewitz, glad to do his part.

Spencer Mitchell, here to help.

George Hart the man behind the good times and great food at Mulligans!

Pink Tie Friend Anne Schafer, making sure George does a good job

Mark Kren of Crawdaddies, taking a break from dishing up fantastic Cajun fixins!

Ken DeAngelis applies his artistic talent for CCKey Art Gallery, while Candy looks on.

Bob Greene, working the second shift!

Ron Rose, our dedicated Chamber of Commerce CEO.

Some newly painted breasts.

A few breasts, fresh out of the kiln.

Some guys just love their work. There is gonna be a reserve price on this one by Klaus Schuler!

Not to be outdone, Mark Johnson counters with a sailfish! Can you guess that these two are fishing buddies?

What a great job these guys did, Here are all 138 ready for auction!

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